Welcome to Almond Blossom!

We offer a personalised booking service and a handpicked selection of holiday and vacation rentals in Portugal – all quite unique and recommended for very special reasons: location, charm, style or standard of service.
Our very special holiday accommodation includes luxury villas with private swimming pools and tennis courts, charming cottages and city centre apartments in Lisbon. The properties listed accommodate from to 20+ guests and suit a range of budgets. They are inspected on a regular basis, are fully equipped and ready to move into, so that you can start enjoying your holiday as soon as you arrive.


There is no doubt that for a family or a group of friends (or even just for a couple), the price of a vacation villa, cottage or apartment adds up to considerably less than an hotel stay, as well as offering the benefit of more spacious and private accommodation, grounds and swimming pool, plus flexibility on meals.
Portugal is well known for its excellent weather conditions, coastal resorts and golf facilities, with no shortage of holiday accommodation available through mainstream travel agents and tour operators. But local specialists like Almond Blossom have an edge on local knowledge and are therefore able to give you the best advice.
Not only we get to pick out the best properties and locations, we also get to know each of our featured holiday rentals really well, so we are able to offer a bespoke service and help you chose the right rental villa, cottage or apartment for a family and friends holiday, romantic getaway, city break, or corporate rental.
And then we go about organizing all those little extras that can make a villa holiday memorable (or cottage or apartment), such as a private chef for a special occasion, yoga classes at your property, one-to-one tennis coaching, or hassle free airport transfers.

Your dream holiday in Portugal is only a click away, so let us inspire you!
Almond Blossom Rental Villas is managed by Mandy de Azevedo Coutinho and her small team and was established when she moved from London to Lisbon in 2003. Mandy has dual Portuguese and British nationality and her experience of leisure travel and how-to-go-about-things in Portugal, stems from over 25 years of working for a number of renowned international real estate companies, luxury tour operators and villa rental companies covering Southern Europe, including CV Travel and Abercrombie & Kent Villas.
A long, long time ago, Al-Gharb (Southern Portugal) was occupied by the Moors and Chelb (now called Silves) was its capital. This land was ruled by the powerful but still young Ibne-Almundin. He was very brave and won many battles. One day, amongst the prisoners of yet another battle was a blue eyed and blond princess! The Moorish ruler fell immediately in love with Gilda, the beautiful princess of the North and released her from being his prisoner and slave, making her his wife. Chelb and its people celebrated the wedding with music, dancing and food for many days and nights. But, on the last day of the celebrations, the Moorish ruler found his beautiful Gilda in tears, looking sadly over the castle walls. On enquiring after her feelings, the sad princess said that she missed the snow of her native land. So Ibne-Almundin spoke to all the wise men in the country and asked them to find a cure. None was found, and Gilda got sadder and sadder, until one day a poet from a Northern country, also suffering from nostalgia for the snow of his homeland, suggested that the ruler, planted almond trees all over his kingdom then wait for them to blossom… And so it was, that the beautiful princess of the North, woke up one day to see most of the Al-Gharb countryside, covered in fragile white Almond Blossom, resembling the snow of more northerly countries – these spectacular vistas still stuns late winter/early spring visitors to Portugal!